Give the owner more control? Is that a builder talking? Yes – Dave is not your average builder. Dave believes that giving the homeowner more control allows the client to be involved in the whole process every step of the way. “We want our clients to be comfortable telling us what they want and asking us for changes. We want to be approachable and very workable”.

Office Manager

Deborah is the glue that holds the office together. She is the first person you will probably hear when you call into the office and you would also talk to her if you had a bookkeeping question. She also maintains our healthy relationships with subcontractors by handling construction compliance issues, subcontractor agreements, and other vital behind-the-scenes work. Deborah does everything from helping you find the right source for carpeting and lighting to showing folks around Central Oregon. As well as handling the office and bookkeeping details she also can help you find almost anything. Working around the construction industry for several years, Deborah is one of the most helpful people you'll come to love.

Meet Our Crew

We are very proud of our employees. We have employees that have been with us for 15 years and more. “All of our lead guys grew up in the trades. They know structures from the ground up” -Dave York.