“Proud as parents”

During the time a home is being built, a friendship is also being built between the homeowner and the builder. We are proud of the relationships that we have developed and built over the years. Just one example, we have had the opportunity to build for one of our client’s five (5) projects. Our main goal and priority is to produce the highest quality product with the highest level of detail. We do not want the whole process to be intimidating and overwhelming, but rather a positive and fun experience for the homeowner.

Take some time to read what many of our custom homeowners had to say about us.

“Thanks is no small measure to the extraordinary home you built at the Swan’s Nest, we were able to sell it for full asking price at the “quietest” time of the year. We wanted you to know what a complete joy it was for us to live there and how much we appreciated the quality of your work and the level of details that were built into the home. Mostly, we appreciated having the opportunity to know you and we very much appreciated your commitment to us to help “look after” the home with all the changes we made. The almost 4 years we were privileged to live there will be measured among our most special times! Thank you!” Bill &Cristy Lanfri

“You won’t meet a nicer, more honest man than Dave York,” Gary Moore owner of Central Oregon Door & Window


Dear Dave,

I am writing to thank you and commend you for the excellent house you built for me in Awbrey Glen.  The whole process was handled very professionally from beginning to end.

  • During the initial design process you gave freely of your time and were very helpful with your constructive comments and critique of my original plans, even though I had not yet committed to a contract with you.
  • Your bid was very complete and relatively easy to understand.  The amount of specification and cost detail in your proposal made me feel very comfortable about undertaking the process of building a house from the ground up.
  • During the construction process, I was continually amazed at how well you stayed on top of the detailed status of the project.  When I came to you with questions and ideas for changes. You were, in most cases, able to accurately respond from memory without the need to refer to the drawings, specification sheets, and cost tables.  To me, that was very good management.
  • You were very responsive to my proposals fro changes and in working through the “punch list” at the end of the project.
  • Most importantly, we were able to develop a close working relationship and trust which made a complex project such as building a house a rather comfortable undertaking.

Thanks again for doing a great job on schedule and on budget.

Warmest regards,

Terrence J. King